South Island farmers now have direct access to one of Ballance’s most popular products, PhaSedN.

In partnership with Te Poi Manufacturing Limited, we have developed a specialist manufacturing plant within our Timaru Hub operation.

General Manager Supply Chain Greg Delaney, says investment in the manufacturing plant supports South Island farmers who want local supply of the product.

“There has been strong demand for PhaSedN  throughout the country. The South Island has experienced significant growth in dairying in recent years, and it also has a deep sheep and beef heritage.”

An added bonus of the local plant has been improved product quality resulting from less handling during transport. 

We have seen increased interest for the product more recently from farmers  reviewing their annual fertiliser programme in light of budget constraints. This is because PhaSedN offers a combined nitrogen and sulphur application and the flexibility to adjust the timing of other base nutrient applications of phosphate and potash. 

The new manufacturing facility is expected to initially produce around 10,000 tonnes annually, with capacity to build production as demand grows. 

Ballance Timaru has been part of the local rural community for the past 17 years, and permanently employs 8 people.




"Our customers like PhaSedN because the unique formulation provides a great option to boost pasture covers ahead of autumn with nitrogen, while also fulfilling a good part of annual sulphur requirements."