Calving is the busiest time on a dairy farm. Dairy farming women are in the thick of it, juggling the wellbeing of cows, calves, farm workers and their own families in one hectic push. What we’ve brought to the table to support Dairy Women’s Network over the past two seasons is two extra pairs of hands.

One pair belongs to SealesWinslow Nutrition and Quality Manager Wendy Morgan and the other to celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen.

Together with DWN they get farming families through calving in peak condition.

Wendy’s calving workshops, Facebook chat sessions and all round advice help dairying women to set up for a great calving season, ensure calves get off to a good start and get replacement heifers ready for a productive career, thanks to optimal care and nutrition.

The 15 workshops held in the 2015 calving season were a major hit, creating demand for a further 19 in 2016. More than 400 people attended the workshops in person, and hundreds more joined the conversation on Facebook.

Michael meanwhile rounds out the support with flavour rich, time-poor recipes to keep families and farm workers fuelled, backed up by DWN’s own recipe swaps. He supplements Wendy’s animal nutrition advice with great nutrition ideas which can be easily used at peak times on the farm. 

This is an excellent example of how we create value through partnering. Dairy Women’s Network is a wonderful organisation devoted to providing opportunities for dairy women to improve their skills and leadership. We can contribute, and practical programmes like the calving workshops are a great place to start.

We’ve pitched in with some online advice about calving too, so that calf rearers can access practical tips on the go. Check out our SealesWinslow Nutritionist and Quality Manager Specialist Wendy Morgan in action.  See video below



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